Sarah Drasner


Sarah Drasner a Senior UX Engineer at Trulia (Zillow Group). Formerly she was Senior Interaction Designer at Fauna, Inc., a company founded by former Lead Engineers from Twitter. She is also the former Lead Front-End Engineer and Designer at Basho, creators of Riak. Prior to Basho, Sarah worked for the Field Museum of Natural History as a Scientific Illustrator and Front-End Developer, worked for Stanford, UCSF, and the design and development firm Waxcreative.

Innovative SVG Animations

Tuesday, 13th – 15:15

By now most Front-End Developers know the benefits of working with SVG: great support, resolution, and scalable images that can reduce the needs for multiple HTTP requests and be easily scaled to multiple viewports. But SVGs are capable of so much more. In this session, we’ll manipulate vectors with a myriad of creative techniques, ranging from the practical, such as data visualization with React, to the delicate, such as imitating candle smoke with morphing path data. We’ll use SVGs as a window with clipPath, push the boundaries of the CPU with filters, and even combine techniques to create otherworldly effects.

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