Alla Kholmatova


Alla is an interaction designer at an open education startup, FutureLearn. She's interested in how design relates to other disciplines, including linguistics, psychology, and architecture. Alla is an occasional contributor to design publications, such as A List Apart, and an owner of several vintage robots.

Atoms, Modules and Other Fancy Particles: Building a Pattern Language For The Web

Tuesday, 5th – 10:10

As many of us move away from designing pages toward designing systems, one concept keeps coming up: modularity. Modular systems promise to be scalable, maintainable, and easier to work with – but what if the “system” we end up with doesn’t perform as well as we expect? What if the result is disappointing – an overly simplistic “patched together” design, that’s not nearly as scalable and adaptable as we’d hoped?

In this talk we’ll look at what it actually means to have a resistant design system and a shared pattern language in your team. We’ll talk through the steps to get there, as well as mistakes, stumbling blocks, and lessons learnt.

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