Jeff Atwood


Jeff Atwood is the co-founder of and lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife, two cats, three children, and a whole lot of computers. In 2008 Jeff founded and built, and what would ultimately become the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites, in a joint venture with Joel Spolsky. The Stack Exchange network is now one of the top 150 largest sites on the Internet.
In early 2012 he decided to leave Stack Exchange and spend time with his growing family while he thinks about what the next thing could be!

Addicted to Community

Tuesday, 5th – 5:30

Based on my experience at Stack Overflow and Discourse, a guide on building a habit forming community based on fun, tangible progress, and respect. Here's how to gently guide your community members down the path toward mutual cooperation.

Three key takeaways:

1. How Q&A and Discussion are different, and how they can learn from each other

2. Building habits that lead to positive community behaviors

3. Communities as interactive, multiplayer text adventures

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