Below you’ll find the schedule for SmashingConf San Francisco 2018. We’ll keep this page regularly updated with all new speakers and sessions, so be sure to keep checking in! Stay updated.

Tuesday, 17th | Wednesday, 18th

09:00 AM Doors Open
10:00 AM Welcome back!
10:05 AM

And So The Mystery Begins...

Have you figured out yet who was the Mystery Speaker this time? ;-)

10:55 AM

Beyond Media Queries

Media queries have always been a cornerstone of responsive design but the role of media queries is changing. It's now possible to make websites with responsive properties that are not tied to specific breakpoints.

Learn how to use fluid typography, responsive SVG, adaptive flexbox components, CSS grid and custom properties to create unique responsive solutions that go beyond media queries.

11:45 AM Morning Break
12:10 PM

Approaching Pixels And Projections

Kate Dawkins has projected onto a floor of ice, the ceiling of the London Design Museum, the bridge of the USS intrepid in NY and put content onto the smallest amount of LEDs to create one of the largest screens for the London 2012 Olympics ceremonies.

It goes without saying that each project requires a unique approach. But that approach encompasses so many variants. These large-scale projects are inevitably a roller-coaster ride of design, decision making, blood, sweat and sometimes, just sometimes tears!

Kate is a designer and director that approaches each project applying logic to the problem and a passion to the solution. She’ll be sharing an insight into how she works, some of the experiences she’s encountered over the years and how she approaches some of the more challenging aspects of these experiential projects.

01:00 PM

Our Everyday Relationships with Digital Interfaces

Home, understood as “the place where one lives permanently as a member of a household” is no longer a physical space for a vast group of people. Many of us find comfort in digital environments and use them for work and leisure and sometimes support.This talk aims to dig deeper into that relationship over time and discuss the key factors that will help designers keep and improve that connection between their products and their users.

01:50 PM Lunch Break (lunch is included) and Shopify Lunch Session
03:20 PM

Vertical Writing On The Web

In the multi-cultural region of Southeast Asia, writing systems go in all directions, in books and newspapers, store-fronts and signage. The digital world, however, is predominantly left-to-right, and this always felt like a bit of a disconnect. Fortunately, today’s web has evolved to a point where it is no longer a tall task to render non-Latin characters and writing systems correctly.

Modern CSS allows us to typeset for a dynamic medium, even for a language as complex as Chinese, with its tens of thousands of characters. And these same techniques can be extended to build layouts that were simply not feasible just a few years back. This talk aims to inspire designers and developers to eschew cookie-cutter web layouts and create designs that truly embrace the nature of the web.

04:10 PM

Design in the Era of the Algorithm

The design and presentation of data is just as important as the underlying algorithm, and designers have an urgent role to play in crafting the emerging generation of AI interfaces.

Designer Josh Clark explores a rich trove of examples—at once entertaining and sobering—to unearth design principles for creating responsible machine-learning applications.

Learn to use AI as design material in your everyday work. Adapt to the machines’ weird, unexpected, or flat-out-wrong conclusions. And above all, scrub data for bias to create the respectful and inclusive world we all want to live in.

05:00 PM Closing Remarks

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