Lyza D. Gardner


Lyza Danger Gardner is a developer and human, co-founder of Cloud Four and Open Web Engineer at Bocoup. A 20-year veteran of the web, she is a generalist with an abiding commitment to making the web work everywhere. Lyza is a seasoned and spirited speaker, and is a writer for A List Apart, O’Reilly Publishing, net Magazine, Smashing Magazine and others.

The Pragmatist’s Guide to Service Workers

Monday, 12th – 12:25

Service Workers are buzzy and exciting, a collection of Web APIs that do all sorts of handy stuff. Yet you’re a busy web dev. You’ve got sites to build, web apps to code. Let’s decode the complexities of Service Worker capabilities, breaking them down into concepts, recipes and examples.

We’ll get you ready to build real-life useful stuff without the need for an overwhelming or distracting investment of time and energy.

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