Polle de Maagt


The moment he got kicked out of art school, Polle de Maagt realised he would probably never be a great designer. And he isn't. Really. You should see his office decoration and the drawings he is making for his baby girl. But that didn't prevent him from working on digital projects for companies like Starbucks, Nike, IKEA and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, crafting stuff that changes people's behaviour. Polle is Dutch, lives in Gent (Belgium), but works from Amsterdam and London, currently mostly for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Crafting for #worlddomination

Tuesday, 13th – 14:25

There is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of ambition, like world domination. The closest thing to world domination is probably changing people's behavior for the better. Have people run more. Have employees work more efficiently. Have people throw away less litter. Have people spend their money more wisely. In other words: crafting small interventions that have huge impact. Polle takes a case or two from his work at IKEA, KLM, Nike and Starbucks on designing for behaviour change.

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