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Craig Mod


Craig is a digital savant in love with the analogue. In code, design, and photography, but mostly through his writing, he explores our collective struggle to find focus in a world of perpetual distraction. He lives a quiet life in a seaside town south of Tokyo – sometimes escaping to remote writing retreats around the US – where he revels in his various creative outlets while hidden from the public eye. When he’s ready, he emerges from hibernation with thought-provoking, introspective essays, books, and talks that examine the meaning of a connected life.

Books, Walking, and the Ethics of Scale

Monday, 10th – 9:50

Systems and products that have the most influence on the world today tend to have the least presence. What tools can we use to make their intangibility and intensely unhuman scale more human and tangible? We'll look at book design, how designers of the 20th century have tackled this problem, and how meditative practices such as vipasanna and walking are useful tools in the contemporary human toolkit.

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