Mark Boulton


Mark Boulton runs a small design studio, Mark Boulton Design, working with clients such as ESPN, CERN, Al Jazeera and Drupal. In the past, he worked for the BBC and, designing experiences for all manner of clients and people across the world. He also runs a small publishing imprint, Five Simple Steps, and a tool for making grids for web: Gridset.

The Ugly Truth of Design Systems

There is a growing myth in the web industry. We’re facing challenges on several fronts: there aren’t enough designers, Wall Street demands ever increasing scale, people not able to make good design decisions are making them every day, and businesses are turning to design systems to solve these problems. And they do. But at what cost? In this talk, Mark will walk through the many pitfalls in creating, deploying and sustaining design systems and how you can avoid them.

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