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Tuesday, 17th | Wednesday, 18th

08:00 Registration & Doors Open
09:00 Welcome back!

And So The Mystery Begins...

Have you figured out yet who was the Mystery Speaker this year? ;-)


Debugger; For Developers

What’s common for Meryl Streep, Henry Ford and Albert Einstein? All of them suffered from different problems in their professional lives despite their success. This talk is not about development. Instead of code, this inspirational and motivational talk will set debugger on ourselves as humans to analyse the bugs most of us face in our day-to-day jobs as developers. Among others we will be talking about:

  • Perfectionism
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Burnout

    But these are not limited to developers and are applicable to much wider audience. It will be about psychology, neuroscience, work-life balance, work quality and… us
10:50 Morning Break

The State of WebFonts

It seems like only yesterday we were having to use all manner of image replacement techniques just to use more than the most basic set of fonts on the web. But with CSS Level 3 OpenType font features, the widely adopted WOFF format, Chromatic Fonts, and more recently OpenType variable fonts – a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts – the capabilities opening up for typography on the web are extraordinary.

In this session, Chris Lilley shows us what’s possible today, and in the near future.


What’s the Deal With Testing?

"Software testing? I don’t get it at all.” There was a time when I felt that way, too, but something changed in my career as a web developer, and now I can’t do my job without testing. When should you write tests and when you can get away without them? We’ll cover coding techniques as well as motivations for testing to work better with teams and give ourselves some peace of mind.

13:00 Lunch Break

How to win over colleagues and encourage user centric thinking

Working in-house can be a thankless task. Your expertise is often overlooked. The value of user centric thinking is under appreciated and you have little control over strategy. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

User Experience Consultant Paul Boag has worked with over hundreds of in-house teams. Over that time he has seen some teams prosper, while others struggle. He has seen techniques that have empowered teams and built a user centric culture. But he has also observed mistakes that ultimately undermine the user experience.

In this practical presentation Paul shares these observations. He outlines tips and techniques that will raise the profile of the user. Approaches to win over colleagues and make your teams life easier.


Fontastic Web Performance

Web fonts are awesome. They make your sans-serifs slabby, your headers special and your website look gorgeous. But fonts are a resource, and downloading resources always comes as a cost — if you don’t load web fonts efficiently, what you get instead are phantom underlines, blank pages, and user rage. Let’s talk about ways to avoid this, and what new platform features are here to help us deliver pretty (but also!) fast experiences to everyone.

16:10 Afternoon Break

10 Things You Can and Should Do With SVG

You’re already aware of SVG. You already know it’s a vector image format. But how does that affect your daily life as a front end developer and designer? In this fun, compelling, and information-packed session, Chris will count down 10 things you could (and should!) be doing with SVG. It’s one of those technologies that is chock full of possibilities and benefits, yet conspicuously missing from most people’s toolbelts. Find out why it deserves a prime spot on yours.

17:30 Closing Remarks
18:00 Typography photowalk

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