Chris Lilley


Chris Lilley is a Technical Director at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Considered “the father of SVG”, he also co-authored PNG, was co-editor of CSS2, chaired the group that developed @font-face, and co-developed WOFF. Ex Technical Architecture Group. Chris is still trying to get Color Management on the Web, sigh. Currently working on CSS levels 3/4/5 (no, really), Web Audio, and WOFF2.

The State of WebFonts

Wednesday, 18th – 11:20

It seems like only yesterday we were having to use all manner of image replacement techniques just to use more than the most basic set of fonts on the web. But with CSS Level 3 OpenType font features, the widely adopted WOFF format, Chromatic Fonts, and more recently OpenType variable fonts – a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts – the capabilities opening up for typography on the web are extraordinary.

In this session, Chris Lilley shows us what’s possible today, and in the near future.

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