Horace Dediu


A visionary, Horace is one of the world’s most respected business analysts and renowned experts on complex data analysis. He is the founder and author of the market intelligence site Asymco.com, and also works as an independent analyst and advisor to telecom incumbents and entrants on mobile platform strategy. An authority on and enthusiast of Apple’s business, Dediu also spent more than eight years analyzing mobile software, platforms and markets at Nokia.

What’s Next? The Future of Mobile in Business

Tuesday, 17th – 15:30

For 30 years, IT and personal and mobile computing have evolved to encompass and extend (and disrupt) the industries it touched – from telecommunications to entertainment, and now apparel. Will it continue to disrupt or will Moore’s Law stop its ascent? Horace Dediu discusses innovation and the future of mobile, and explores what the post-mobile world will look like as Apple, Google and others are shaping the mobile experience of the future. Other highlights from the conversation include:

  • Understanding the factors that drive adoption of disruptive innovations

  • Recognizing the next disruption from patterns of previous ones

  • How to resize scope of opportunity when the basis of competition changes

  • Other “white spaces” Horace sees that are ripe for disruptive innovation, including education industry and transportation

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