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Paul Boag has been working on the Web since 1993. He is a user experience strategist who helps companies make use of digital to better serve connected consumers. Paul also hosts the award-winning user experience podcast at He is a regular speaker at conferences and author of four books including Digital Adaptation, as well as User Experience Revolution.

How to win over colleagues and encourage user centric thinking

Wednesday, 18th – 14:30

Working in-house can be a thankless task. Your expertise is often overlooked. The value of user centric thinking is under appreciated and you have little control over strategy. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

User Experience Consultant Paul Boag has worked with over hundreds of in-house teams. Over that time he has seen some teams prosper, while others struggle. He has seen techniques that have empowered teams and built a user centric culture. But he has also observed mistakes that ultimately undermine the user experience.

In this practical presentation Paul shares these observations. He outlines tips and techniques that will raise the profile of the user. Approaches to win over colleagues and make your teams life easier.

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