Update (Thursday, July 12th). We’re still soaring from the amazing time we had last month. Now, we’re thrilled to relive the experience with you through the speaker videos and slides. Re-watch your favorite moments or see if you can pick up some tips you missed previously.

Day 1: Notes and Slides

Day 2: Notes and Slides

  • Collaborative Notes — Day 2
  • Harry Roberts on ‘Why Fast Matters’ (Slides) (Video)
  • Jake Archibald on ‘Page Load Performance’ (Video)
  • Joe Leech on ‘How to Design with Science without Losing the Magic’ (Slides) (Video)
  • Umar Hansa on ‘A Modern Front-End Workflow with DevTools’ (Video)
  • Yiying Lu ‘Cross Cultural Design in the Age of Globalization’ (Slides)

Thank you for coming and creating such an exceptional atmosphere! Looking forward to seeing you next year!

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