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Below you’ll find the schedule for SmashingConf New York 2018. We’ll keep this page regularly updated with new sessions, so be sure to keep checking in! Stay updated.

Tuesday, 23rd | Wednesday, 24th

08:30 Doors Open

And So The Mystery Begins...

Have you figured out yet who was the Mystery Speaker this time? ;-)


Serverless Functions and Vue.js

Despite the name, Serverless does not mean you’re not using a server, rather, the promise of Serverless is to no longer have to babysit a server. Scaling is done for you, you’re billed only for what you use. In this session, we’ll cover some key use cases for these functions within a Vue.js application: we’ll accept payments with stripe, we’ll gather geolocation data from Google Maps, and more! We’ll make it all work with Vue and Nuxt seamlessly, simplifying how to leverage this paradigm to be a workhorse for your application.

11:20 Morning Break

Designing for Augmented Reality

We thought we could port our existing game to an AR experience. We couldn't. Here's what happened and everything we learned.

In this talk I'll take the audience through the journey we went on creating our first AR-only experience. Our game Conduct AR! I'll talk about how many of the assumptions we had going in turned out to be wrong and how we worked to change them in a race to launch alongside ARkit.

You'll Learn

  • What makes AR Special (hint: it's not what people think)
  • What the biggest challenges are for AR apps and games
  • What you need to consider when doing UI in AR
  • What AR enables us to do right now, and what it doesn't (but might in the future)

It'll be an explosive, entertaining and visual journey into one of the most exciting frontiers in technology today.


Bet you Didn't Think Your Browser Could do That

Building a modern web app is pretty complicated! You need to make pretty things! That are fast! But also useful! Ideally offline! And can accommodate many users! One way you can simplify this mountain of requirements is to think of your app as a static site, and build it like one. With things like Service Workers, serverless architectures and Firebase authentication, a lot of the features that used to need a server can live entirely on the client side, leaving you with one less thing you need to worry about. Let's do some myth busting and see that static sites can do more than you expect!

13:30 Lunch Break

Encouraging Clicks - How to Encourage Action Without Alienating People

Every website seeks to encourage visitors to do something, whether it is placing an order, make a donation or signup to a mailing list. But how do you do that without alienating users?

After all, we now live in a world where one disgruntled customer can destroy a brand. Paul Boag explains how we don't need to resort to dark patterns to encourage users to take action.


Design in the Era of the Algorithm

The design and presentation of data is just as important as the underlying algorithm, and designers have an urgent role to play in crafting the emerging generation of AI interfaces.

Designer Josh Clark explores a rich trove of examples—at once entertaining and sobering—to unearth design principles for creating responsible machine-learning applications.

Learn to use AI as design material in your everyday work. Adapt to the machines’ weird, unexpected, or flat-out-wrong conclusions. And above all, scrub data for bias to create the respectful and inclusive world we all want to live in.

16:40 Closing Remarks