Below you'll find the schedule for our 6th SmashingConf Freiburg. Please note that we changed the timings and the number of breaks. Also, we’ll start slightly later than in the previous years (at 9:30). We hope you’ll enjoy the new format!

Monday, 11th | Tuesday, 12th

08:30 Doors Open
9:30 Welcome and Intro

Laying Out The Future With Grid And Flexbox

CSS is now over 20 years old, yet it has taken this long for us to get a true layout system designed for web pages and applications. A layout system, not based on hacking properties designed for something else entirely, but one that considers the reality of design for the web today.

With CSS Grid Layout landing in browsers, it is time to get to grips with this new layout system and discover how CSS Grid Layout works alongside Flexbox and the Box Alignment module to bring real layout to the web for the first time. In this talk you’ll learn the basics of Grid Layout and how it fits with existing layout methods such as Flexbox. You’ll also discover how these new standards get into browsers and how CSS itself has evolved to give you a way to support older browsers while taking advantage of these new specifications.

10:45 Morning Break

Teams, Cultures, And Design System Strategies

Every design system is unique. Your organisational structure, team culture, design approach, project, and even the physical space you’re in, will shape your system. In this talk I invite you to think beyond patterns and components, and look at the underlying structures and connections which make your design system what it is.

11:50 Lunch Break

Beyond Media Queries

Media queries have always been a cornerstone of responsive design but the role of media queries is changing. It's now possible to make websites with responsive properties that are not tied to specific breakpoints.

Learn how to use fluid typography, responsive SVG, adaptive flexbox components, CSS grid and custom properties to create unique responsive solutions that go beyond media queries.

14:10 Coffee break

A Modern Front-End Workflow with DevTools

You can expect to learn hidden DevTools secrets but also how to adopt a modern development and debugging workflow. This talk is important for any web developer or designer who wants to understand and debug the internals of a webpage quickly and with ease. It will also cover a few CSS tools, performance profiling and debugging techniques, all with the goal of mastering your authoring workflow to ensure your development workflow is highly optimised.

15:15 Afternoon break

Redesign Design

Over the next years, how we design, prototype, and test services and products will change dramatically. We are transitioning from a traditional, industrial mindset of design as a rigid planning process towards the experience of design as a continuous and evolving conversation between makers and users. This talk, based on real-life experiences, explores how design is changing in the digital age, beyond the initial delivery of specifications and blueprints, to an adaptive co-creation process that evolves iteratively over time. This emergent idea of designOps is dissolving the boundaries between planning, discovery, building, and operating phases, leading to results that are more in tune with the true needs of users.

16:20 Afternoon break

The New Front-End Stack: JavaScript, APIs and Markup

The emergence of Git centered workflows, around modern build tools, static site generators and modern browsers, have changed the way most front-enders work.

Matt Biilmann will cover how a new stack is emerging and how this will change how web sites and web apps are built in the future.

17:40 Closing Remarks
20:00 Party at the Kaufhaus + Evening Session

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