Alla Kholmatova


Alla Kholmatova is a UX and interaction designer with a nine-year experience of working on the web, for a range of products and companies. Most recently she was a senior product designer at an open education platform, FutureLearn.

She’s particularly interested in design systems, language, and collaborative ways of working. In the last two years this interest has led her to spend a huge amount of time working on and researching the subject.

She’s been sharing her insights with people through articles, workshops, and projects. Alla contributes to design publications, such as A List Apart, and speaks at conferences around the world.

Teams, Cultures, And Design System Strategies

Monday, 11th – 11:00

Every design system is unique. Your organisational structure, team culture, design approach, project, and even the physical space you’re in, will shape your system. In this talk I invite you to think beyond patterns and components, and look at the underlying structures and connections which make your design system what it is.

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