Sara Ramos


After doing many different things, from financial auditing, digital marketing, strategy, and product management, Sara found her passion for human-centered design and for bringing out the best in people.

Sara is very passionate about and committed to creating diverse and inclusive environments both in the workplace and in society as a whole. She is currently the Learning Designer at The New Digital School, an alternative digital design education project, based in Porto, Portugal.

Hacking Design Education

Tuesday, 12th – 16:50

The current education system of most countries was designed 150 years ago, based on a one-size-fits-all kind of knowledge, assessed by metrics that favor logic over creativity, quantity over quality and grades over understanding.

But is this what a world in constant evolution really needs? Can this system help us cope with increasing levels of uncertainty? Do the students of today feel ready to become the innovators of tomorrow?

When it comes to design, this is particularly visible. Most study programs aren’t preparing future designers to think critically, to look beyond the pixels and see the impact they have on their own companies, on people's lives, and society as a whole.

What if each student could design their own learning experience? Would this not be a way to take ownership of your role and to focus on what really matters?

In this talk, Sara Ramos and Tiago Pedras will share how they are trying to hack design education, making it student-centered and industry-led, while inviting the audience to join this learning revolution.

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