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Marcy Sutton


Marcy Sutton works on web accessibility tools at Deque Systems, a company focused on digital equality. In 2016, O’Reilly gave Marcy a Web Platform Award for her work in accessibility. She loves co-leading the Accessibility Seattle meetup and is starting a code club for Girl Develop It Bellingham. When away from the keyboard, Marcy can be found hiking with her dog, riding a bicycle, or snowboarding.

Accessibility Audit (Live)

Wednesday, 27th – 11:50

In this “this-is-how-I-work” session, Marcy Sutton will conduct an accessibility audit on the fly. You’ll get a feel for how to detect and resolve accessibility issues and a strategic roadmap on things to keep in mind when improving accessibility.

Marcy will also cover the tooling and the usual suspects and a few techniques to keep in mind for websites and single-page-applications.

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